Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Classroom Book

  1. After each student presents their 'All About Me' poster take some time to write about that student.
  2. Use 1/2 lined 1/2 open paper.
  3. They will write a couple of sentences about the student.
  4. That student who presented will make a page for the 'Classroom Book' that will stay in the classroom.
  5. They will draw a picture of that student. (Good idea! Teach the students to make a U for the face then add hair and features.) (Good idea #2! Take a photo of the student who presented to add to the 'Classroom Book'.
  6. You can take a grade for using a rubric. (Grade for 'All About Me' Poster, Grade for Presentation, Grade for writing, and Grade for illustrations)
  7. They students will take their book home and you keep the classroom book for the students to read over and over. The students love seeing themselves and their friends. It is a great tool to help new students get to know the class, too.

All About Me

  1. Send home an all about me page.
  2. For best result enlarge to 11x17 on copier.
  3. The students will color and complete the page.
  4. They will present the page in class.
  5. Display the post in the classroom or in the hallway.
  6. This leads in to the "Look Who's in Our Classroom' book.
  7. This is good for team building and making friends.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Classroom Expectations Book
  1. Read aloud a first day of school book.
  2. Brainstorm rules for the classroom. No more than five and guide them towards your expectations.
  3. Write them neatly on chart paper.
  4. Give each student a class expectation book cover to color.
  5. Then each day of the week give them one page of top 1/2 open and bottom 1/2 lined paper. They will neatly copy the rule(one rule per page) and illustrate on the top.
  6. At the end of the week take a grade on the book. Use a rubric (copied correctly, neat, illustrated, and colored.)
  7. Send it home for the parents to review.