Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pixar Challenge: Rule #2

Pixar ChallengeRule #2
You gotta keep in my mind what's interesting to you as an audience, not what's fun to do as a writer. They can be v. different.

Hmmmm!  This is one isn’t quite as easy as Rule #1.  I think the important thing is the ‘can’ in sentence two.  They ‘can’ be very different.  Hopefully they are the same thing, but that would make writing super easy. 

The important thing is to know your audience.  If you are writing MG it’s probably a good idea to spend a little time with some kiddo’s in that age range, same goes for YA, NA, or adult.  Each age group comes with its own set of wants, needs, and even language. 

Yeah, I was a teenage—a couple of years back.  The thing is times change.  New problems emerge.  And the technology.  Just the other day my oldest son was watching Rock of Ages with me and my husband and said, “What kind of cell phone is that?”  I told him, “That was the original cell phone.”  He thought it was hilarious.

And you have to know the language is different by the day.  These kids come up with new ‘language’ to keep us parents and adults on the outs.  Like when I was in teenager they wrote that ‘valley girl’ dictionary. (Wait!  Did I just give away my age?)  The dictionary would be a mile high at this point.  So, it’s our job to figure it out, if you want to be a successful author.  That is the ‘thing’ really—what do you want?

It is important for a writer to know the ins and outs. So, you have to spend time with your audience.  Read books and magazines geared toward your preferred age group, and listen to their music.  If you surround yourself with things teen, young adult, or adult it will make what’s fun as a writer, fun for them to read. If you don’t love the things geared toward that age group maybe you’re not writing to the right age group, maybe you would have more fun writing to a different audience.  It is about loving your craft after all.

Only you can decide what is best for you and your goal.  If you want people to love your words know your audience.  Be flexible.  Take your audience where they want to go, just use your one and only special voice to get them to that end point.  In the end you will have a book you are proud to write and to share.

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  1. I love the advice to surround yourself with things that represent your audience. It does make a huge difference--great post!

  2. I would also say that reading a lot in your chosen age group is really important too! :) It's great to surround yourself with what your audience likes and also cool to see what authors that have success with that group use in their stories.