Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pixar Challenge: Rule #15

Pixar’s Rule #15
If you were your character, in this situation, how would you feel? Honesty lends credibility to unbelievable situations.

No matter where or when a story happens, human nature seems to stay the same.  People react a certain way in most situations.  You think about how you would react, but the place and the situation don’t have to be our normal.

You come across as more authentic if you write with truth.  What better way to capture authenticity than to draw from within and pull your own true feelings.  You are different than anyone else in the world.

So, how would you feel?   What would it smell like to you?   What things would you notice? What would you do if…
  • you were in an apocalypse.
  •  met a new friend.
  •  you went to a new school.
  • had to kill someone.
  • had to defend yourself from an attacker.

Only you know what you would do, write it down.  Be yourself.  It will be real, honest and authentic. You will love it and everyone else will love it, too.

Do you write with honesty?

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