Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pixar Challenge: Rule #8

Pixar’s Rule #8
Finish your story, let go even if it’s not perfect. In an ideal world you have both, but move on. Do better next time.

Perfection.  As writers we edit, reread, rewrite, strike out, and polish until we feel the work is perfect.  Sometimes you have to let it go.  Let it sit, marinate, then come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes.  When you are ready to change and polish the work into a perfect piece of art your readers will love to read over and over again. 

To me 'the next time' can mean two different things.  
One.  You can set the manuscript on a shelf and come back to it at a later time, after perfecting your craft.  The new perspective may produce a much better story.  
Or two.  You can’t make this one perfect.  You don’t have a good grasp of the story and it slips through your fingers.  In this case, set it to the side and move on.  Learn from the mistakes you have made and strengthen your skills through the process.  It will make you a better writer.  In some cases, you learn more from failure than from success. 

Hopefully, scrapping a manuscript completely is never the case.  I would hate to see a true labor of love trashed.  The editing process should always build a better story.  Some stories may need tons more work, but as a writer, I think your story must come out.  It would be hard to let it go. You want your story told.

Do you think a story should ever be completely trashed?

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